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Body Contouring Fundamentals

Learn the business of Body Contouring / Body Sculpting.
Master treatments, learn how & why they work. Create effective results for your clients. Build your own successful, profitable, sought after practice with service options that create repeat clients. Save time & money on your start up!

Trainer Josei Harris, LMT, CLT, LE has packaged decades of knowledge, experience and professional relationships to bring you the best resources to give you the information you'll need, save you time & get you earning revenue quickly.

*Professional partner / vendor list available.  
*Professional grade equipment available. 
*Individual courses and certifications available. 
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Become a Body Contouring Practitioner 

Your Personal Brand

 You will also learn how to put the ideas presented to you into action and build your own personal brand through demonstration. 

Bella Josei Harris, RMP, LMT, MLD-C

Meet the instructor
Josei is a Wellness practitioner since 2016. 
Globally Trained. Dually Licensed, Certified & Insured to operate in the State of Maryland and Washington, DC. Certified in Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Member of ABMP & AMTA.

She enjoys learning with both new & experienced technicians. She looks forward to sharing her love of continuing development with her training partners.

Our practice is BlackBellaDC, The DMV's pioneer, professional non-invasive Body Sculpting studio.

Our team is 🌸Globally Trained 🌸Certified & Insured 🌸Dually Licensed Body Work Professional 🌸Members of ABMP & AMTA

Our nearly 5 year old practice specializes in; ▪️Lymphatic Drainage Massage ▪️ Skin Tightening ▪️ Fat Reduction ▪️ Body Ice Detox ▪️ NonSurgical Bella ButtLift ▪️ Pre and Post Surgery Treatments ▪️ Fat Cavitation Ultrasound ▪️Radio Frequency ▪️ Wood Therapy Massage

Many of these options are available in our training portal. We also distribute professional grade machines & tools.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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